Frome St John the Baptist Church Hall
Vicarage Street, Frome, Somerset

In 1854, William James Early Bennett, the Vicar of Frome Selwood bought some properties on the West side of the old Grammar School site (as in the plan to the left) and replaced the old school with a new Infant School. The properties were small and shared a water supply in their courtyard. The spring and cistern can still be seen in a chamber under the lower level of the existing building.
The Grammar school building which had been on the site was the one erected in 1744 as a replacement for an earlier building which had depended on the pre-1744 vicarage to support its walls. The original Frome Grammar School was founded in the time of Edward VI. A Charity Commission report in the 1830's shows that its administration had been poor - the books were gone from the Library as were the globes.

The school, as pictured on the left, continued in use until the late 1920's. The class shown on the right is an image taken during the First World War.

The playground was built below the main school room because the building was closely surrounded by other properties as can be seen below.
The properties between the Hall and the Church were demolished in the 1960's and the present car park was then formed.

The Hall is currently being refurbished to provide even more quality meeting space than before..!
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